Growing Workshop 2024 Part One - March 29th

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Growing Workshop

Every vegetable needs different nutrients and different hours of exposure to the sun. Full sun, partial sun, shade. How much should you water. The soil concentration is can range; dense or loosely packed. The seeds you pick to grow. The season in which you plant your seeds. Will you be planting in raised beds, the ground, containers, or bouquets. Which fertilizer will you use. Which potting soil will you use.

All of these questions and more will be answered with ample instruction as well hands on training and practice in Star Farm's newest Growing Workshop. A three part series for participants to learn how to grow their own vegetables, from start to finish. Every detail along the way will be covered, and at the end you'll be going home with your very own, home-grown, produce!

Choose your seeds, plant, germinate, harvest. Come learn how to care for your seedlings and grow your own produce.

Part One

Title: Seed Starting with Star Farm

Register by March 27th 

Date: Friday, March 29th 

Time: 10 am

Location: 5132 S. Carpenter St. Chicago, IL

*Participants will learn principles of planning a garden and starting a variety of crops from seed. You will participate in this hands-on workshop and take home ten transplants started in the greenhouse. You will learn how to use seed starting materials, creative seed starting with trainers, how to plan your garden, and save money by starting your own seeds

This is a three part series, the following dates are April 26th and May 30th. While all three dates are not required, it is highly encouraged to attend all three sessions so you get the most out of the workshop.

We look forward to teaching these practices with you! Please choose which donation value works best for you, and mark your calendars!

Email us at with any questions about the workshop!